Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nominations for Winnemac Park Advisory Council Board

Good news, everybody!  If you would like to nominate yourself apply to serve on the Friends of Winnemac Park Board, it's not too late.  Nomination Application forms were available at the meeting last night, but if you missed the meeting or neglected to submit your form, you can still do so at the next meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 17 (time and location TBD).  You can download the form to use here.  (To fill it out, the park supervisor is Lisa Ragucci, and the rest should be self-explanatory.)

You should probably use a few different fancy pens to sign your nomination application form; I'm sure they will become valuable collectors items one day when people tell the tales of all the amazing things you've done for our park and community by being a member of the board.

UPDATE [1/23]: Advisory Council President Mike Vacala has informed me that I made some errors on the first version of this post.  Apparently the date for the next meeting has not been set, and might be either Tuesday February 17 or Wednesday February 18, or maybe some other date.  And the forms linked to are application forms, not nomination forms.  My apologies for any confusion.  I do stand by the fancy pen comment, though—that is still 100% correct.