Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crime in the City

Most neighbors awake late on Friday evening probably heard the helicopters overhead for a while.  Turns out there was an "aggravated robbery" in the park. Alderman O'Connor today posted a short update...

Chicago Police are advising people to be especially careful in the wake of an aggravated robbery in Winnemac Park.  A woman was walking with two children when she was approached by two robbers who knocked her down and stole a necklace she was wearing.  CPD was quick in calling out helicopters and canine units and have since added more police presence in the area. The lessons are to always be alert no matter where you are, and don’t forget to attend your C.A.P.S Beat Meeting.  You will learn what is happening in your area and how you can assist police.

The park is in beat 2032; according to the 20th District Police calendar, the CAPS meeting for that beat will be tonight (Wednesday Sept 24) at 7 to 8pm, at the Ravenswood Evangelical Church (4900 N. Damen).  The public is welcome to come ask questions about this crime or others in the neighborhood, or just to stop by and thank the folks in blue who protect us day in and day out.