Monday, June 9, 2014

Amundsen High School TV/Film Club needs your help!

Please Help!

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The Amundsen High School TV/Film Club is raising money for new Equipment through the DonorsChoose program. They need to raise over $5,100 before their funding deadline of June 19th.  As of June 9th, they are a little over $1,800 short. Time is running out and if they do not reach their funding goal, they do not get any of the money. If you enjoyed the "Happy" video the school put together, you can spread the joy.

 Click the link below to be taken to the Fundraising Page.

Donors Choose Amundsen TV Film Club Fundraiser

Click this link to get "Happy"

Amundsen High School - "Happy"

The Project Funding Deadline is June 19th.

From Mr Binder:

Ever think about how much technology has advanced in your lifetime? Remember life without a cellphone, computer? We live in a society where being connected through technology can change your life. Our high school is starting the first T.V. Film club for our inner-city, low income students.

Our students are thirsty for knowledge and opportunity. We are an inner city high school where over 90% of our students receive a free or reduced lunch. Our school budget was cut 9% this year and we expect an additional 5-7% cut next year! That's a huge amount of money lost which leaves no budget for extra curricular activities. Our students need a place to go after school where they feel safe. T.V./ Film club teaches them real life skills that they can apply after graduation to secure better careers. Right now we have more students than we have supplies to keep them engaged. So the call for help goes out for your assistance.

Through our club, students learn how to use technology to film and edit shows, but also how to work as a team, write scripts, conduct interviews and problem solve. We have 30-40 participants in our club this first year. Through the club, students create videos featuring sports and clubs, creative features, community events/interests as well as school news. We hope to energize the school and show what students can do!

Providing students with the necessary video and memory storage equipment allows them to record, edit and produce original videos. Subjects include school events including sports, music and cultural events. Additionally, we'll cover community events. We're beginning a video history of our school and community. Using this medium will give our students the opportunity to express themselves in a way that they never have been able to before. The impact they make will have a ripple effect throughout our school and community.

Your generous donation can help shape the character of our students by providing them opportunities they would not otherwise have and which they deserve. Thank you so much for considering our club.

My club is bursting at the seams. My students need tripods, microphones and cameras and accessories to be able to shoot original videos in our TV Film Club.