Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Salon seeks appeal to City Ordinance to open on Damen Ave, local businesses and neighbors object

A new salon would like to locate at 4845 N Damen in the 47th Ward. They are appealing a City Ordinance that prohibits the business from locating within 1000 feet of another salon business. 

A new salon would like to open up in the new construction retail space of 4845 N Damen. Photo, Eric Rojas
Some local business owners and neighbors object and have brought this petition to our attention.  Please read the petition at the link below and sign it if you oppose granting an appeal to open a salon at 4845 N Damen.  In full disclosure, the author of this post has signed the petition after speaking with several local business owners on Damen.

Say No to more salons on Damen petition

If you support the opening of the salon at this address and feel the appeal of the City Ordinance should be granted, please contact Office of  47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar at:  or (773) 868-4747