Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photos! Winnemac Park Neighbors gathering, food and wine a hit at Dolce Casa Cafe

Your neighbors and Winnemac Park Advisory Council (a no- profit working with the Park District) sponsored wine and terrific appetizers from Chef Ross on October 15th at Dolce Casa Café.  We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new people.  Each meeting connects neighbors with local issues and each other!

The crowd gathers in the warm environs of Dolce Casa Café
Amundsen Principal Anna Pavichevich updated the neighbors on recent success, improvements and near future goals. They have improved attendance and ACT scores in just one year. They share a new partnership with Northeastern Illinois University where many resources have been shared with and invested in Amundsen High School.

 Most of the neighbors in attendance live near the high school and we all share the park campus.  The shared park campus is a rare opportunity for the public and high school students and staff to positively interact  on a daily basis.  Amundsen has taken many programs to high levels.  If you are community member or business owner with resources to share with students please visit their web site and contact Principal Anna Pavichevich.

Dara Salk from the 47th Ward updates on neighbors on upcoming events including the 47th Ward Health and Wellness Fair at Sulzer Library

Stephen Reynolds from Welles Park Baseball discussed the NEW and successful fall youth baseball league at Winnemac Park, how it's financed and its plans for the future.  Contact Welles Park Parent Association if you're interested in Baseball at Winnemac Park.

Captivated crowd!

Winnemac Park Advisory Council updated neighbors on the next Fall Meeting and Park Clean Up on Saturday, November 15th 1PM to 3PM in Winnemac Park. This is a great way for people of all ages to meet and contribute in the park.  The kids love helping too! 
Contact to help or lead with park specific programs.

We had a great evening!  See you next time!
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