Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Developments / construction around Winnemac Park

We called the 47th Ward and invited them to speak at our Winnemac Park Neighbors meeting about the large amount of new construction and re-purpose projects going on around Winnemac Park.  Here's a great chart below of current residential and commercial projects of note.  This does not include some major gut renovations of several homes at the moment.

The projects that require  zoning changes and/ or variance are noted. 

4534-4542 N. Damen
Alderman supported variance in RS3 to allow adaptive reuse of old C-M Auto body building for 3 SFHs; some existing of the walls to be preserved; drawings on our website
4646 N. Damen
SFH owner requesting rezoning from RS3 to a B district to aid in selling this frame house next to Brown line tracks; on our 47th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee agenda this week; drawings on our website
4713 N. Damen
Large frame SFH in B3-2 for sale; condo association next door to north is concerned about potential 50-foot high development with zero side setbacks
4834 N. Damen
New 3-unit condo construction in B2-2 replacing a one-story commercial building
4835-4839-4845 N. Damen
Candea Development constructing three identical 4-story buildings with 7 condos and 2 commercial spaces; see website (under Private Development for “4845” drawings)
1952 W. Lawrence
Alderman supported rezoning from B1-2 to B1-3 to allow proposed plans for 6 residential rental units and 1 commercial from existing one-story furniture store
2034 W. Lawrence
Alderman supported rezoning from B1-1 to B1-3 to allow proposed plans for 3 condo units and 1 commercial space from existing vacant lot; drawings on our website
2115 W. Lawrence
Requested rezoning from B3-2 to B2-2 for proposed plans for new 4-unit residential building (5/12); reviewed by 47th Ward Zoning Advisory Committee but applicant dropped out
2208 W. Lawrence
Alderman supported rezoning from B1-1 to B2-3 to allow proposed plans for 21 condo units and 3 commercial space from existing vacant lot; drawings on our website
4710 N. Ravenswood
Band of Bohemia
Alderman supported rezoning from M1-2 to C1-1 to allow 6,000 sf brewpub in former manufacturing building; drawings on our website
4550 N. Winchester
Lycée Français school
The demolition of the old Ravenswood Hospital for the new Lycée Français School is completed and site is regraded. Construction on the school is slated to begin in 2014 and be completed by spring 2015 so that students can occupy the building in fall 2015.
1800 W. Lawrence
Ravenswood Station Retail Center
LA Fitness is looking to open by end of 2013 and Mariano’s by early 2014. We’ll post any hiring notices as soon as we get them; drawings on our website (under Private Development for “1800 W. Lawrence”)
1801-19 W. Argyle
Ravenswood Terrace Apartments

The alderman supported the 624’ by 200’ former Sears parking lot rezoning from B1-1 to B2-3 for this project being constructed.

·         A series of 6-unit 3-story buildings with one 4-story building and one 5-story
·         150 residential units which are one-level (simplex)
·         Ground level units have a little garden terrace and above-ground units all have front balconies
·         111 outdoor parking spaces on the east side (adjacent to Metra tracks)
·         Bike racks in two outdoor areas (a 16’ wide pass-through between buildings and parking lot)
·         Per city ordinance 10 percent or 15 units are affordable (the remaining are considered luxury rentals)
·         1-bedroom units average rent $1,291/average 630sf
·         2-bedroom units average rent $2,255/average 1100sf … has 2 bathrooms
·         15 affordable units: 1-bdrm is $743/month and 2-bdrm is $894/month
·         10 units are adaptable for disabled and 23 are “visitable” by disabled
·         The 4- and 5-story buildings have elevators with slightly larger units
·         The 4-story building has an exercise room and multifunction meeting space (first floor)
·         The 5-story building has a rooftop (community) deck
·         In-between the two (north-south) rows of buildings is a pedestrian promenade or mews
·         An open area for vegetable gardening is a provided amenity
·         The development is completely open, no gates

Planned green/sustainable features

·         Chicago Green Homes Program
·         50% of roofs (5,272 sf) of the 4- & 5-story buildings will be vegetated (probably sedum type) and have some planters
·         All other roof surfaces in any building will use reflective (cool) material
·         The parking lot will use “water detaining” through buried concrete pipes (slows stormwater into city sewer system)
·         The pedestrian promenade will use “water retaining” through permeable pavers & landscape
·         Landscape will surround the entire project (per city code)
·         Recycled materials will be used – like wood, concrete, roofing and sheathing
·         The existing asphalt & concrete parking lot material will be ground and reused for fill, etc.
·         Use of building insulation and energy star appliances to reduce energy costs