Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Join Your Neighbors this Saturday! Create and Convene: Envisioning & Planning the Community for our Future

Forward Chicago (www.forwardchicago.org) will be holding an event this Saturday, Feb 2 from 1 - 3 at Ravenswood United Church of Christ,
2050 W. Pensacola (entrance is on the east side of the building).

At this participatory event, community members will come together and create a blueprint for aging in our community. All are invited and we will have small groups working together to define what will make our community the best for us as we age, together.

You might be wondering - who should come to this event? Well, remember we all age every day. Most of have the goal of aging at home, and remaining in the setting of our choice. We have such a wonderful community filled with remarkable assets, kind people who what to do good and support their neighbors, fantastic non-profit organizations, a rich arts community, and great local businesses - no wonder people want to stay.

You might consider coming if you are:
- a resident wanting to remain in our community as you age,
- a volunteer looking for some good opportunities to participate in a community-driven, grassroots initiative,
- a local business who wants to make sure they reach all of our residents (did you know that older residents tend to shop locally?)
- People who want to participate in growing a community for all ages and continuing to make our neighborhood the best it can be
- A leader looking for a new challenge

Join us. It will be fun, informative, and an excellent experience.

Forward Chicago